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Her friend stayed on the couch, and we went to the bedroom.We got a little rowdy, but I stuck to my guns, and we just ended up making out, a lot.The next morning was pretty awkward, but I invited her over that day because we wanted to hang out, but my family and I were having a movie night.So she met my family on day two, and we’ve been together pretty much every day since. She came back again to visit one last time before I moved, and we really hit it off. We married in 1998 and are still happy together three kids later.” 12. It wasn’t so much a date as it was just meeting in a public place.Second, I would memorize topics that I could talk about.These two approaches worked very well together ensuring that (at least on first dates) there were never any awkward pauses.

Be patient when trying to learn about the person you are dating. If your date resists at answering some questions, just leave them unanswered and move on to lighter conversation.This is important to mention because you are looking for particular qualities whether you’ve admitted it or not.Early on, there may not be much you care to discover; this was the case for me.Meeting someone in person after only communicating online can be terrifying – but the payoff can be huge. “I couldn’t stop talking and got incredibly drunk on several bottles of wine. I kind of assumed he wouldn’t speak to me again, but now it’s been two years and we’re very happy.” via GIPHY 3. We had drinks got to know each other as friends and now we are married with children 10 years later.” 4. She very quietly listened to me talk, except for when she was making fun of the Netflix shows that I chose. She was pretty and well-dressed, that but she came off all wooden.Thirteen people took to Reddit to talk about their first dates with their significant others, whom they never would have met if it weren’t for dating sites. “I offered to pay for the bus to my town – two hours away. Instead of buying tampons, Spaghetti-O’s and junk food that I wanted, I had to buy fruit and veggies instead. Then we went upstairs to her room, we made out and we cuddled. I just remember laying there tracing my fingers along her stomach and feeling this awesome content feeling almost immediately.” 8. We sent texts for a week and a half or so and decided to meet. Her first impression of me was that I was too skinny – so much so that she thought I might actually have a drink or drug problem.

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The only reason to learn everything about your date right away is if you are assuming there is only going to be one date, in which case there is no point in learning anything about them at all!

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