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Unheated, uninsulated garages or attics = terrible storage locations.

It’s just selecting the newest and freshest product available at that time of purchase. I highly recommend the Mountain House #10 can series.

When preparing for long-term survival, you’ll want to choose the longest shelf life foods. In the canned food category, canned meat tends to last the longest. Now a #10 can is a larger can for long-term bulk storage purposes. So these cans are larger than your regular grocery store #2 can.

In general, canned meat shelf life tends to be the longest. But remember canned food shelf life has as much to do with how you store it, as which foods you choose to buy.

If a can was dropped, crushed, or dented in any way then the integrity of the can comes into question. If a can is damaged then the odds go up significantly of air penetrating the can.

Organic matter () exposed to air will tend to mold. Of these two variables, the food manufacturer can only really control the second one. Once it’s shipped from the canning factory, they no longer control this variable either. Yeah, exactly, you would err heavily on the side of a shorter date. Plus, by erring on the side of a shorter date the food manufacturers are helping to sell more.

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