Dating the earth through the bible

For instance, here is a quote from a sociology textbook for elementary college courses: "Sometime between the beginning of the eighteenth century and the end of the nineteenth, God died, though theology could not arrange a formal burial until the 1960’s" (Sociology for a New Day, Thomas F. Unless defenders of the faith begin a vigorous counter-attack, the American public will rapidly come to believe that the Bible is not the word of God.The proverb is true: fiction repeated often enough becomes fact in the public mind. EXTERNAL CONSIDERATIONS Archeology Archeology cannot prove that the Bible is the word of God.Even the story of Jonah is somewhat verified by archeological finds in Nineveh.According to the Bible, Jonah had preached, "Yet forty days, and Nineveh will be overthrown" (Jonah 3:4).

In 1845 Layard definitely identified the site; and he and his successors uncovered the ruins of the magnificent palaces of the Assyrian kings, whose names have now become household words, and hundreds of thousands of inscriptions in which we read the history of Assyria as the Assyrians themselves wrote it, and which to a remarkable degree confirm the Bible" (Halley’s Bible Handbook, Zondervan Press, comments on Nahum).

Nineveh is described in the Bible as "anexceedingly great city, a three days walk" (Jonah 3:3), and containing "more than 120,000 persons who do not know the difference between their right and left hands" (Jonah ).

A city with 120,000 babies or very small children is a large city even by today’s standards.

And please do not be so naive as to believe that the attackers are a few scattered renegades.

The big guns of this world, carried by huge warships of evil, are zeroing in on their target, ready to level a blast that will destroy what their admirals have labeled "Organized Religion." Missiles from Satan’s abode, laden with explosive warheads of confusion, are already zinging their way to their destination, to obliterate forever the belief that the Bible is the word of God. And here is a sample quotation from the Encyclopedia Americana: "Geological, anthropological, and archeological study makes it impossible for thinking men to take seriously the Biblical view of the universe and stories of creation in Genesis" (Encyclopedia Americana, 1968 Ed.; Vol.3, p.689; "The Bible"). But there is no question that the Encyclopedia Americana is a big gun.

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