Dating the baby of the family

I don’t need that headache and aggravation, so jealous baby daddy’s who will always be attached to the woman I’m seeing because of their kid is a major turn-off.

Overall, the idea of a baby mama just doesn’t work for me — be it my own or someone else’s.

Now the encouraging news: Working on your relationship pays off in spades.

Without all that energy expended (read: wasted) growing resentful of each other, you'll have more to spend enjoying one another. ) Here's advice from experts as well as couples in the trenches on why this transition is so hard and what you can do to smooth things out.

So if you think that you're always doing 90 percent of everything, you probably are.

That doesn’t denote a loving connection but a relationship of circumstance.

Generally, this is just a woman who “happened” to get pregnant and if not for the child y’all probably wouldn’t have any further contact after the relationship went south.

You can't procrastinate about chores once you have an infant.

"Laundry had to be washed or it stank, and the baby needed to be fed or he would cry like crazy," says Brooke Patrick of Seattle, recalling the first year with her son, now 3.

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