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While this is not an exhaustive treatment of the subject, I hope this blog post will help you understand the issues surrounding shipment dates for Smith & Wesson revolvers.

If, when asking questions here at the GVB, you keep in mind the information provided in this post, it will make it easier for us to give you information about the age of your revolver.

To obtain a Factory Letter on a S&W handgun, you first need to download a form from the official Smith & Wesson website. Then you will need to fill out the form, giving as much detail as you can about your gun, and send it to the company historian, Mr. If your revolver was made in the pre-model-number period, the company requests that you provide photographs.It should also be noted that S&W used many different sequences of serial numbers.Various models were produced using entirely different sequences, so a given serial number can fit more than one model of gun.Some models did not receive numbers until sometime in 1958.Examples of pre-1957 model names are .44 Hand Ejector, .38 Military & Police, .38/44 Heavy Duty, Chiefs Special and .22/32 Heavy Frame Target. In most cases, the best place to find the actual serial number is on the butt of the gun (bottom of the grip frame).

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