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He is required to accomplish tasks and jobs as set out for him by the club.Depending on the club, it could be anything from parking bikes and running errands, to commiting crimes.It doesn't cover a lot of ground where women are concerned, but then that is the way it is in many hard core clubs.On probation means that he is working towards becoming a full patch holder.Wait till he/she acknowledges you first and NEVER touch them or put your arm around them like a buddy.Don't put your hand out to shake theirs; wait for them to extend their hand first.Discussion outside the privacy of the chapter can start rumors which could cause a lot of problems for not only the chapter, but also for other chapters in and out of the state. If for some reason you have to say something while in public about a motorcycle club, take the person you're talking to aside, alone, and say ONLY what you need to say to get your meaning across.

If you feel that you do want or need to go to a "limited event", then you'll have to go representing yourself as yourself, preferably without wearing any patches identifying your club.You might have his ear at home, but he belongs to the brother hood of the club, and you will have to respect that.Below is a link that can give you a little insight into the motorcycle club lifestyle.It's best to check with the local RC officers to make sure what is ok in your area. If someone from a motorcycle club requests that you remove your vest/patch, don’t argue. If an establishment has a sign indicating “No Colors”, even though your patch is not considered “colors”, the vest should be removed out of respect to the other clubs and the policy of the establishment.The best reply is, "No Problem" & politely take it off and let your Club Officer know what motorcycle club it was so they can deal with any potential problems. While you may just be a Riding Club, it's only respectful to honor the house rules.

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