Dating someone i don t like

I mean should I assume my boyfriend and I generally make last minute plans and I haven't met one of his two best friends that he doesn't like me?fyi he and I have been dating 2 months so I just thought maybe he needed more time before bringing me around to certain important people. You’re out with your friend and her new man, sitting across the table from them like a little girl out to dinner with your parents.The guy she’s seeing is nice enough, always kind to your friend, and pleasant to you, but you can’t help but shake a feeling of deep-rooted dislike.Sure, you disagree on almost everything else, but if there’s even an inch of common ground to stand on, find it and take it. If you’ve assessed the situation in full, and realize that the reason you’re not into their boyfriend is because they’ve stopped acting as a person and have instead morphed into the other half of a couple who cannot be apart from their partner, be honest with your feelings.

These are all marvelous discoveries, and serve nicely to prove that the boyfriend is not actually a monster.

A friend’s boyfriend who you always end up fighting with over the stupidest of things is a headache that you don’t have to deal with. Surely there must be common ground between you two, so put on your big girl panties and figure it out.

Staunch your desire to pick a fight, and just let it go. Maybe you guys both like football, or Breaking Bad, or both harbor a secret passion for musicals.

You’re looking for someone to spend your life with, not just the next few weeks, until you get tired of them. You might tell yourself it’s better than sitting home alone, but ice cream and Netflix is better. Dating someone you don’t really like is a special kind of torture. Do you groan every time you have to get ready for a new first date? Dating a bunch of people you’re not into is just a major waste.

Skip the people who are obviously not a good match and keep your heart open for the one you can actually see a future with. You dread the date, you can’t stand the person, yet you go out anyway. You pretend to give a damn, but it’s obvious you don’t. Imagine if all you’re doing is dating people you’re not really interested in. Learn a new language, take dance classes (you’d be surprised at all the hot singles there) or try out yoga in the park.

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Or, maybe the person in question really is an asshole.

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