Dating someone at the office

New studies are revealing, however, that inter-office relationships are far more beneficial than once thought.Another 2012 study from Workplace Options revealed that 84% of Millennial workers (aged 18-29) say that they are open to the possibility of engaging in an inter-office relationship, compared to just 36% of Generation X workers (30-46) and 29% of Baby Boomers (47-66).Additionally, if you are involved in a workplace relationship, your productivity is likely to increase even further as work becomes a unifying bond between you and your partner.

A crazy work schedule can leave little time for much else and once you’ve squeezed in the gym, house work and catching up with friends on the weekend, dating can seem like an impossibility.

Truth be told, I almost never fielded personal phone calls or text messages from my girlfriend while I was at work as I would see her 4-5 times a day in a professional capacity.

Dating someone who is intimately familiar with your work environment can provide you with a great deal of insight and assistance with regards to your job and, ultimately, your career.

If you’re not into Tinder or Bumble or you’re suffering from dating app exhaustion, the opportunities to meet potential mates are limited to Friday night drinks, EOFY dinner and the office Christmas party.

So, if you’re finding yourself spending a bit more time at the water cooler these days to improve your chances of seeing that special someone, what should you think about before you take the workplace dating plunge?

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