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The rifle's main advantage was that it presented a means of familiarising recruits with the Service rifle without expenditure of ammunition, or occupation of valuable range facilities needed for more advanced training. Shore's comment in "" - for details see BIBLIOGRAPHY), attempts were made to sell them in other quarters.Even rifle clubs were encouraged to use the system to train volunteers, and a number were sold abroad, even to Switzerland.This allowed assessment, by the instructor, of any cant (lateral tilting) of the rifle by the student.Even a small degree of cant on a full-bore rifle, particularly when shooting at long range, could result in a miss several feet to one side - and low - of the point of aim.This model carried markings on it its stamped plate, on the stock to the left-hand side of the 'action', that were in the style subsequently to be used on the Mark IV.The Plate reads: 14406 14406 is the serial number of the example shown. Below can be seen the working Lee-Enfield Rifle No.4 style safety-catch, and the bolt in its fully drawn-back position.These probes were cocked against a firing spring's pressure with the action of the bolt, and, on trigger release, shot forward out of the tunnel and punched a mark in a target fixed to a wooden frame in front of the recruit.The rifle and calibration board packed into the transit box to allow easy transport to any proposed site for use.

Below is a Swift Mark I with the 'action' still wrapped in cosmoline in its transit box - The "U" shaped plywood calibration frame can be seen resting in the box lid on the label.This frame screws onto the front of the rifle and would have a piece of plain paper taped to it to facilitate adjustment of relationship between the point of impact and the sight-line.The path of the needle-pin that punched the hole in the target could be adjusted by virtue of several screws bearing on the needle channel.The action side plates of the A-series are heavily forward tapering.The B-series rifles were modified to give more of the appearance of the side elevation of the Pattern 14 ( Enfield Rifle No.3) much in use by the Home Guard.

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