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Kaworu must discover who he really is and avoid causing the Third Impact.*Interestingly, this scenario takes place in a somewhat alternate universe: Kaworu is one of the first Angels to attack, classified as the third Angel, and is stopped by Toji and Shinji from reaching Terminal Dogma. Pen Pen was watching TV and saw the advert of a Pet Shop.

Pen Pen asked Misato to buy a dog-like robot called Nuigurumi, because he wants to take care of this virtual pet.

It allows the player to follow several characters through several different versions of the plot of the series.

This light-hearted touch is similar to the Girlfriend of Steel 2 universe, but the Scenario itself is still based on the personalities of the TV series characters.Because of this, Hyuga is worried abour his love interest.When he was younger, at his college days, Aoba was the guitarist of a band called Cobalt Sky.Although he liked playing guitar, he felt like it was impossible to make a living.So he studied hard and started working as Operator at Nerv, forgetting about his old friends.

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Uncover the secrets behind "EVAs' Development" and the "Marduk Institute", and become an EVA Pilot. *Toji dies near the end in this scenario, although it's from the battle with Zeruel.

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