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Otherwise the first time of ephemeris in the RINEX navigation file is selected.The maximum simulation duration time is defined by USER_MOTION_SIZE to prevent the output file from getting too large.Examples of these mobile devices are the Apple i Phone 7 and Samsung's Galaxy S8 smart phones.

For example, a Vodafone or Telstra branded phone in Australia will display the relevant logo and may only support features provided by that network (e.g. Most phones can be unbranded by reflashing a different firmware version, a procedure recommended for advanced users only.Generally, phones can be locked to accept only SIM cards with certain International Mobile Subscriber Identities (IMSIs); IMSIs may be restricted by: Additionally, some phones, especially Nokia phones, can lock group IDs which are used in voice group call service.Most mobile phones can be unlocked to work with any GSM network provider, but the phone may still display the original branding and may not support features of the new carrier.A user-defined trajectory can be specified in either a CSV file, which contains the Earth-centered Earth-fixed (ECEF) user positions, or an NMEA GGA stream.The sampling rate of the user motion has to be 10Hz.

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