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When your family has adjusted to the new arrangement. (News Flash: sometimes it doesn’t happen until year six or seven even… Wearing the Scarlet is real and you’ll want to do your healing around it.

Having people to process dates with — and to reassure you when buried feelings resurface — is invaluable. Before you start dating again, take some time to determine what you need in a relationship. What have you learned from the mistakes of the last one? They don’t need to know all the details, but they likely will want reassurance that they’re still the priority in your life. ) Pursue the things you love, surround yourself with people who make you feel your best, only wear what makes you look and feel great, and start prioritizing your own emotional and physical needs.

As a result, your children will be left with even more work to do on themselves.

Statically speaking, they too will suffer divorce working through the issues that you refused to do when you could.

The problem is knowing how to balance your care and concern for your children with your emotional needs to be in a relationship with another adult.

You have to heal from the legacy of wearing the Scarlet ™ It’s not just about dating and it’s not just about being a dad.

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As a parent, the shame and stigma around divorce is what you must heal in order to wisely bring a new partner into your life and into your heart.

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