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A picture frame may be of any color or texture, but gilding is common, especially on older wooden frames.

Some picture frames have elaborate molding which may relate to the subject matter.

In some instances where the art in the frame is dispensable or durable, no protection may be necessary.

Glass is common over watercolors and other artwork on paper, but rare over oil paintings, except very valuable ones in some museums.

Picture frames have traditionally been made of wood, which is still the most common material, although other materials are used including silver, bronze, aluminum, and plastics such as polystyrene.Remember those treasured moments of your newborn baby, grandson, granddaughter, niece or nephew and proudly display them in your own personalized picture frame, an engraved photo album or our handcrafted baby canvas wall art.You can personalize baby picture frames and albums with baby’s name, born date and other info, or announce the birth of your little one with a printed canvas or frame.For pieces to be framed under glass, except for the most disposable and inexpensive posters or temporary displays, the glass must be raised off the surface of the paper.This is done by means of matting, a lining of plastic "spacers", shadowboxing, stacking two mouldings with the glass in between, and similar methods.

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