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Newcomers are often worried about finding everyone else when they arrive at the venue where the meet up is being held. There might be a designated room set aside at a pub, a greeter, a sign, name tags, or just a conspicuous large group of people who clearly haven't met before.

lets members attach pictures to their profiles, so you can check who's attending the event ahead of time and try to spot some familiar faces.

If you arrive late everyone will already be seated and you may not be able to find them.If any person goes to a bunch of events some will go well and some will be a bust.The same could be said of signing up for an art class or sports league.Of course, just because a get together isn't good as a meat market doesn't mean it won't be useful for someone who wants to make new friends. Some are big events where everyone circulates and mingles at a pub.Others are smaller and more activity-focused, like five people getting together to go for a hike.

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Someone could go to an 'Early 30's Social Meet Up' and not click with anyone, but that doesn't mean all meet ups are useless. Most are regular folk who either want to add some new blood to their social circle or have recently moved to the area.

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