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If you’re NEW HERE, check out our About Page and read a little more about my own background on our first post. I designed the questions in this post so that you can print them and put them in your wallet. Thank you for reading, sharing, and being a part of this #staymarried community! There’s nothing wrong with choosing a creative, cheap date and skipping the most expensive restaurant in town, either.

I don’t want to paint a false picture of what our dates look like. Justin Buzzard, author of Date Your Wife, says that if we, as men, want our marriages to be more than the lifeless relationships we’re surrounded by, it starts with us! Make all of the arrangements — including babysitting.If your entire house is covered in piles of laundry and stacks of papers, and the kids have left their Legos all over the place, that’s going to make it difficult to focus on each other. And you can’t look at your phone or the television or a book all the time.Take some time to think about your home, and any house projects you might need to tackle, so that it can be a haven, a retreat, a place for you to enjoy being together. You need to look into your wife’s eyes, listen carefully, and ask follow-up questions that show her you really care.When we moved into our current house, the master bedroom had wallpaper that looked like something you’d see in a nursing home cafeteria. So I removed it and painted the room with a nice color my wife picked out. And then speak words of encouragement, compassion, truth, and love. It will at least look very different during a season of intense child-rearing. Enjoy the exciting and exhausting ride of work, ministry, kids, and activities.Most of us know that the piles of laundry and stacks of paper will never completely go away. And come up with some ideas ahead of time, so that you’re not stuck asking each other, “What do you want to do? But I do think I’m learning to really listen to my wife. When I look into her eyes and remain attentive to the things she wants to tell me about her day, about her struggles, about her joys, it deepens the bond between us. But make sure there’s margin for intentional, face-to-face time with your wife.

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Honestly, we dote on our girls more than we talk about anything else. He writes: You and I and the men we know want something more. Plan to be somewhere that will allow you to get close and talk, or walk and hold hands. Now, if you read Michelle’s recent post about how most conversations among married couples begin, you know that women have a much higher words-per-day average than men.

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