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Meredith Bancroft, only offspring of the ruthless president of Bancroft & Co., had pushed romance aside--all she wanted at 18 was to fill her father's male-chauvinist trotter-prints to head Bancroft.Then entered Matt Farrell, a lowly mechanic from rural Indiana: ``His features looked as if they had been chiselled out of rough granite.'' Meredith (with ``a nose that sculptors would envy'') was a mere pebble of fate, and there followed a volcanic coupling, a pregnancy, and marriage. Although she was only fourteen, she wasn't silly enough to think he'd come there to talk about whether she had jet lag. Tonight, he looked distinctly uneasy, and Diana knew why.Previous women had gone to absurd lengths to attract and hold her father's interest.

Although marred by a melodramatic and contrived terrorist subplot, the ending is never in doubt.Paradise is Mcnaught's hardcover debut, and romance fans of Danielle Steel and Janet Dailey who enjoy a stylish, improbable, fast-paced story will probably welcome Mcnaught to the ranks. Her father is autocratic and domineering, belittling her no matter how much she excels but she still manages to blossom into a caring adult. He's classy and smooth but a bit reserved and afraid to let many people get close to him.Matt is tough and confident and encourages her to be more assertive. He's brutal with his payback when he's been wronged but will stop at nothing to win what he thinks he deserves, including getting back the woman he loves once he realizes she loves him back. " At forty-three, Robert Foster was a tall, broad-shouldered Houston oilman with prematurely gray hair who normally exuded self-assurance, but not tonight.Please believe that I would never have married Mary without giving you a chance to get to know each other if I hadn't been positive, absolutely that the two of you will learn to love each other. During the years since her mother died, he'd dated some really beautiful and very nice Houston women, but before things got too serious, he'd always introduced them to Diana and insisted the three of them spend time together.

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