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Yes, if you happen to be seeing more than one person who you have feelings for, indecisiveness comes into play.

However, other problems include narrow-mindedness, greed and a sense of entitlement.

While hooking up is fun – and easy due to our accessibility to singles via dating apps – it’s not getting us anywhere.

Having too much choice makes us second-guess ourselves. It is common to feel uncertain when you start to get serious with someone because you start to second-guess whether or not he or she is the right one.The choice was easy to be with that person because there were not a lot of options to begin with, and no distractions complicating their relationships.Online dating has tremendous advantages, but our parents didn’t have online dating and they were blissfully ignorant to who else was available to them.The issue is not that you are too choosy; the issue is that there is too much choice – choice that you eagerly indulge in often, whether it’s because you can’t bring yourself to delete that dating app or you can’t help but be interested in someone else even if you’re already dating someone amazing.It is choice that causes you to be picky, and it is choice that causes your narrow-mindedness.

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Unsurprisingly, men were not at all fazed by whether or not a woman was described as a good storyteller.

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