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Degree of Friendship: These two signs don’t come together easily in friendship.

Librans tends to be business-like and calculating in their approach.

The Libra woman would be inclined to say, “If I wanted a friend, I wouldn’t be him.” Leos don’t date for friendship. They are looking for an erotic and romantic connection.

Degree of Marriage: Leo man and Libra woman can work okay in a first marriage where the emphasis is on accomplishing certain tasks, such as child-rearing and career-building.

They are one couple that is likely to be able to talk about sex as well as enjoying it.

Your Libra woman is like the goddess Athena, who reigns over just wars, the wars that must be fought.Since these are both good and well-meaning people, they may need to ask the opinions of others as to the appropriateness of their pairing.Life is different than a vacation in Chinpinque Mesa in Monterrey. Both partners tend to look at it as fun and want to “do their best.” They are both inclined to get lost in the romantic aspects of sex, such as romantic foreplay, candlelight settings, and maybe a few wardrobe changes.How to Attract a Leo Man as a Libra Woman: It will be ridiculously easy for you to figure your Leo man out, so the best advice I can give you is — and you’ve heard this before and ignored it before — don’t be too smart for your own good.The Leo man is guileless and naïve for the most part, so it will be easy for you to box him in.

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