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Anyone who's spent any time dating likely has a few cold-hearted skeletons tucked neatly away in their closet.If you're anything like us, you'll think wistfully back on those sinister moments when you hop into your empty, cold bed night after night. The next time you end a relationship, be it long- or short-term, do it with the compassion and kindness you'd want if the tables were turned.Here are a few ways to repair the damage and get you back on track with mysterious relationship powers that be. If asked for an explanation, be gentle but actually have the balls to tell them , seeing as the faults we find in others are reflections of our own. 10 Healthy Ways To Heal2.) Be genuinely happy for your blissfully in-love friends.When you're crabby, single, shivering in the middle of winter, with nary a date for months, it's tempting to roll your eyes and secretly fantasize about a messy breakup for all your coupled friends.

Do both of you have your eye on the same eligible bachelor?Male Take: How To Tell If A Guy Likes You4.) Don't trash a bad date.This is a tough tip because it's such a seemingly harmless habit.Now that I have a boyfriend (he prefers “paramour,” by the way), it’s time to do some reflecting on the search.As my readers know, there have been a few guys who let it slip that they weren’t looking for anything serious, which led me to break things off.

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