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One example curiously absent from the article is that of the 1934 letter-writing campaign urged by then-Watchtower president Joseph Rutherford against Adolf Hitler, which receives mention in the 1993 book Early the following year [1934], a personal letter regarding the situation was written by J. Rutherford to Adolf Hitler and delivered to him by special messenger.

If Hitler’s response to the letter-writing approach was to famously snarl “This brood will be exterminated in Germany!Despite the fact that Jehovah’s Witnesses around the world are justified in their indignation against Putin and his thugs, the fact remains that they are being asked for little more than a token gesture of solidarity.A mountain of paper detritus in the Kremlin’s mailroom will do nothing but irk and enrage, making the plight of those most vulnerable to Russian oppression only more precarious.In fact, many who leave have totally rejected religion.Although our website is affiliated with the Christian ministry Witnesses for Jesus, Inc., we are not a religion or a church.

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