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Footage of part of the Adelaide restaurant confrontation aired on the Seven Network's Today Tonight program in early June.

It showed a man swearing at Sheikh Tawhidi and Ms Vuga, who has previously appeared on the SBS program Go Back To Where You Came From.

They later confirmed that Gilmore will make an appearance in the season seven premiere to bridge the time gap between the season six finale and the events of season seven.

De Ravin will feature in episode four, to provide an "update" on her character Belle, while Mader too will pop up in "multiple" episodes. Of course, in light of the mass departure, there will be some brand new additions people can look forward to seeing, as the show relocates from Storybrooke to Hyperion Heights.

Another message from a different extremist went further.'You dirty scum of a boy, not worth calling a man.

You're a disgrace to your parents,' he said.'Your mum should have swallowed.

De Ravin responded to the announcement on social media, saying that she "would have loved to continue exploring Belle's journey" but that it has also "been an honour and privilege to bring Belle to life".

After the finale aired, Goodwin described Snow and Charming's happy ending as a "bittersweet decision" and said that she would be keen to return as Snow in the future.

The showrunners have said that the departures of these beloved characters will be referenced in the new season.

Sheikh Tawhidi is planning to make an official complaint with the Australian Federal Police about his death threats, adding he had received them since 2014 when he became more outspoken about Islamist extremism.

The fantastical fairy tale series is hitting the reset button for season seven, resulting in a significantly different cast, among other things.

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