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Through his phone, he can find love (Sonja), money (the video game company), and enrichment (traveling the world).But there’s a blush of menace to it all, too, an idea that our phones can create soulless simulacrums for these abstract objects, taking away from an actual experience.The theme is also echoed in the way he meets Sonja, swiping left and right on a Tinder-like app, which itself turns dating into an exercise in game theory: Both people need to swipe right to get matched.Ergo, on swipeable dating apps, you can improve your outcome by swiping right and then winnowing down your suitors after you’ve both matched.For a show that serves as a warning about our dependence on tech, this is a sly little argument: that the greatest threat to yourself isn’t the strangers you meet through your phone, but rather your own dishonesty.Some of the most riveting moments in “Playtest” center on the framing of Cooper’s life as a series of games, with the centerpiece of this techno-fable concerning how he volunteers himself to a giant video game company.Throughout the episode, there are flashes where you could swear they’re about to do something nefarious.

The people Cooper meets, as horror movies and other episodes of be bad people.

But the theme is also present in the way he travels from one country to another, using Oddjobs to find work.

That work is judged on a scale, which is relative to its pay — a correlation not unlike the one between difficulty level and point value in video games.

He goes to India and Thailand, and skips around the world in an effort, he says, to find himself.

Along the way, he meets Sonja (Hannah John-Kamen), a one-night stand he encounters in England, who actually gets to know him and lets Cooper come back and stay with her after he loses his money and gets stranded.

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The expectation, since is all about tech horror, is that Sonja or Katie and Shou are secretly evil — that the world is full of strangers who want to murder you. The twist is that it’s Cooper himself who turns out to be responsible for his own demise.

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