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The kayaking equipment was stored off the base and we were soon on our way down.The stores had to be signed for and responsibility was taken for the equipment. There’s something exciting about unwrapping a brand new kayak, even if it’s not yours, the smell of the plastic that has been contained since the rotomoulding process is lovely.A guy I had come to know as “ Speedy” had been up what seemed like many hours before, they say that the early bird catches the worm and it definitely rang true for the next few days.I have no idea where Speedy went each morning but each day he would return full of knowledge of where to get this, that or whatever we needed.It was late March 2011 I saw an advert from a Warrant Officer in the British Army who had an sea kayak expedition to Cyprus organised at the end April but no coach.As one of the main aims of the expedition was for six people to gain their BCU Three Star Sea Award and a further four the BCU Two Star, this left him a little bit of a pickle.

Within hours I had a phone call from a very happy Ollie Olver and I was onboard.

“ Its work” was my reply but they weren’t convinced.

It didn’t help when Shelley opened my bag and the top two items in it were Sandals and sun cream.

It turned out they had never met before either, I guess that’s the just the way of the Army, everyone just gets on with it.

There were a couple of other coaches, two were BCU Level Two Coaches, one with a four star sea leaders award, another had recently done the UKCC Level One Coach and another was doing his UKCC Level Two assessment in a couple of weeks time.

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