Dating in the dance scene is it possible

I think the contrast of those two things is what really makes the story play.

Emma: I think that would be fair to say [they’re both bookish].

There’s a kind of isolation and loneliness there that I think is what Belle and Beast when they meet – there’s a paralell world in which Beast is incredibly isolated and stuck in this castle, and you can see that even though they have completely different backgrounds they both feel like they don’t fit in some way.

But I think what is so remarkable is that she falls in love with someone who doesn’t have the same characteristics.Beast is kind of a metaphor for anyone who isn’t like us.Who doesn’t look like us and people we decide to be afraid because we don’t feel that we understand them.We tried to create a dress hybrid that would serve those different functions.Dan: There was a lot of to-ing an fro-ing wasn’t there?

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The bottom half of it is incredibly light, because what I loved so much about the original is when you see Belle dance with Beast, when she twirls her dress kind of moves after her almost like a second being, like there’s a third person in the dance.

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