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If taken daily, Pr EP provides a 99 percent reduction in the likelihood of transmission, .

Another study estimates that by the year 2020, the treatment could reduce infections in the United States by 70 percent.

Joanne Stekler still remembers the day a colleague rushed into her office at the Duke University School of Medicine, exclaiming, “Oh, my gosh! ” It was the mid ‘90s, and their team was investigating HIV transmission and treatment “talking about sex, drugs and rock ’n’ roll every day,” she recalls.

Shortly thereafter, a new class of antiretroviral drugs began to sharply reduce HIV-related deaths.

This prevention measure has led to drastic changes in the sexual culture in much of the gay community.

Coming of age with a new understanding of HIV For young queer people, Pr EP means coming of age without the sexual precautions that defined preceding generations.

“The public health party line is, ‘use condoms all the time whenever you’re having anal sex,’” says Stekler.

But, she adds, “There’s the party line, and then there’s reality….

Emerging research indicates that when a partner is undetectable, their risk of transmission is “no more than four percent.” Now, with the advent of Pr EP, that risk can be mitigated even further.Eric, the student in San Francisco, sought out Pr EP after three condoms broke in the span of a week.“Let’s get that extra layer of protection,” he said.When properly used, it can almost completely prevent the transmission of HIV.Truvada has been marketed to the gay male community because, in this country, gay men still have the highest rates of HIV.

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Evan had a similar scare when a partner stopped taking medication.

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