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How can I make myself an appealing candidate for entry-level professional jobs?I am very hard-working and detail-oriented, and pick up processes quickly, and I have gotten excellent feedback from my current managers on my performance, but do I even have a hope of being considered for administrative assistant/receptionist-type jobs?Unfortunately, that probably means the lower-paid jobs — but if you’re willing to do that for a year or so, you might then have an easier time getting the next (hopefully better paid) job.And you could think of jobs that are less desirable for other reasons too, like a bad location or hours.

My educational history is also less than impressive.

I would like to eventually move into a more professional setting with a more traditional schedule.

My question is, how do you break into a professional setting when you have no experience for it?

A special thank you goes out to Emily and all the actors who helped with this blog project.

They were great sports in letting me purposely photograph them badly.

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Due to various personal and family issues, I never finished high school.

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