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Yet just about two years after my own conversion began, there she was getting baptized at the Easter vigil. Only God knows, but this is just to encourage these spouses to have hope. It’s often times quite unexpected, almost miraculous.

And now some 6 or 7 years after that, I am in a Catholic marriage, with three baptized children, and we are fighting the good fight of trying to faithfully live out the Church’s teachings together. But then God specializes in the miracle of conversion of hearts. Francis says, preach the Gospel in actions and not words. At some point after my clumsy attempts to convert my wife, a good friend basically told me in roughly these words, “Why not just keep your mouth shut and focus 100% on being the very best Catholic husband you can be.

Again, aside from the sacraments, this serves more to allow God to transform us and draw us to him than anything else I can think of.

This life of prayer empowers us to do the good work of becoming that husband who images Christ to our wives, who turns the other cheek, who sacrifices for her.

That non-intellectual part is not an insult in the least.

My wife is plenty smart, she just happens to be one of those people who lives more in the real world than in her head (i.e. Sometimes, I really think being an ‘intellectual’ is a huge disadvantage.

It seems that whenever I try to be a good Catholic and Christian I get accused of being a “party pooper” or “holy roller”.When a married millennial leaves the faith, what happens to the spouse left in his wake?In our story, the slow drift from faith had been happening for a long time.She is content with her life, not really intellectual, and not “searching” spiritually.So far our marriage is a happy one, but I worry about big conflicts arising from our differing views if we have children.

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