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Miller, who spent his childhood on a swath of land between a horse farm and a dairy farm, launched Farmers Only after a divorced female farmer friend told him she had tried several dating sites but couldn’t find the right match.

She said the people who ran these other sites had no clue about what’s important in life.

In a recent Ted talk, OKCupid founder Christian Rudder explained that his site assigned every question points depending on how important the answer is to the person taking the quiz. “If you have a huge thick file of data on someone, you miss out on the joy of surprise. The rest is an adventure.” Farmers Only men often post photos of their tractors and pickups.

a national web-based dating services that is focused on “Farmers, Ranchers, and good ol’ Country Folk” approached 4Creeks Creative in the Fall of 2013 to develop a new television commercial campaign.

They wanted the commercials to play off the old Farmers Only commercials with the cheesy humor, but bring in the beauty of the country in grand cinematic fashion.

Their bios frequently assure women that they know how to handle a blizzard, drought or power outage as well as run an agricultural business.

And they feel compelled to remind women that farm houses are nothing to billionaire Ted Turner’s Montana ranch.

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