Dating dna review use of carbon dating in archaeology

It touched on the genetic analysis used and explained that they’d looked at 700,000 markers in my .

It also went through the ethnicity percentage estimates they make, and talked about the high levels of human migration we’ve had in the past thousand years.

The company is best known for its subscription service which allows customers to explore their family history and build family trees using a non-genetic, records-based approach.

You pay a monthly fee for access to public records such as censuses, birth records, marriage records, death records, passenger lists and more.

During the online registration process I was asked to participate in a research project that “preserves and analyses genealogical pedigrees, historical records, surveys, family health data, medical and health records, and genetic information”.

8% of my European ethnicity was attributed to ‘trace regions’ such as Finland and Greece.Before ordering, I learned that Ancestry DNA would help me uncover my ethnic mix, discover distant relatives, and find details about my unique family history.An section on their site covered questions such as ‘What will my results tell me? ’ – I was impressed with the level of detail that this section went into.Although the terms and conditions made it clear that Ancestry’s subscription service is separate to Ancestry , I think Ancestry promised a bit more than they delivered.Counter to my expectations, I didn’t think the test truly allowed me to discover my distant relatives or uncover my unique family history.

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