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In relationship, others may sense they are not cared for, especially because their feelings are ignored by the Performer.

The whole realm of emotional contact will seem to be missing. But there is discomfort around the arena of emotions, so a Performer will avoid this vital area of human interchange.

With their high drive to get the job done, a Performer puts feelings aside — theirs as well as the feelings of other people. For the Performer, accomplishments are seen to be the measure of a person’s worth.

This leaves them very dependent on external approval and recognition, based on how well they succeed in accomplishing things.

There is a tendency to be overly black and white about things.

Below, I will briefly examine the nine types in the Enneagram system of personality profiling, and the expected problems each type will have in love and relationships.

I will also describe how each type can personally grow to overcome any of their self-limiting beliefs. A Perfectionist is concerned with being good, correcting error, doing what one should, and getting things right. The focus on what is “good” and “right” gets put out into relationships.

Know that love does not depend on altering oneself to fit the needs of others.

A Giver will grow if they practice setting boundaries and saying “no.” By spending time alone, they learn to better sense their own needs — and how to fulfill these needs, themselves.

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Their partners end up feeling a lack of connection.

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