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Ottomans, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines and Venetians left their markings on this small land.The major religions of Albania are Sunni and Bektashi Muslim, which make up 70 percent of the population, Albanian Orthodox at 20 percent, and Roman Catholicism at 10 percent.While much of the credit has been given to the Mycenaeans, also known as the Achaeans, many of these burial walls could have been constructed by ancient Greeks.These graves include: The ancient ruins can still be viewed in the country today.The fundamental Islamic rituals ceased, including the banning of eating pork.Albania's borders were closed and no foreigners were allowed into the nation.The wedding day is a memorable day in almost every culture.

In 1876, German archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann discovered these ancient tombs.

After World War II, Albania became a socialist country, claiming it was anti-religious.

In 1966 with communism, Albania made it known that she was the world's first country without a God.

However, unlike India, there has never been the need for English as a lingua franca and thus Bangla is the state language of Bangladesh.

Albania, or officially known as the Republic of Albania, is a European nation that is west of Greece and borders the Adriatic Sea.

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