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There are other city marks and also provincial town marks from the early years of hallmarks and they can all be found in your hallmark book.You shall not be surprised to learn that the date letter indicates the date that the item was assayed.These are arguably the most important marks initially as it is these marks that denote metal type and purity.Gold and silver is nearly always mixed with other metals to produce a metal alloy.

There are variations to each mark throughout the years but they are all pretty easy to identify.The easiest way to determine which year exactly is to look it up in your trusty hallmark book where you will find date stamp tables.Each jeweller will have his, or her own makers stamp so that their work can be traced back to them.Plated items are not hallmarked although you often find things that look like hallmarks on them which often fool the uninformed, but if you understand hallmarks you can soon spot what is what. Your item is most likely to have 3 to 5 hallmark stamps on it (unless it is a really early piece).There are four most important ones as shown on this silver spoon below.

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