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Buy it here This collection of 100 words and pictures is meant to help introduce your newly made human to the English language.

With sturdy pages and a soft cover, it's perfect for your little one to spend some time learning with. Seuss' classic is always a popular gift in graduation season.

Buy it here Gallup published this print version of its successful online assessment meant to help readers uncover their talents.

The book is filled with strategies on applying your strengths to your everyday life and changing the way you look at yourself for the better.

Through his memoir, Kalanithi wrestles with some of the eternal questions of humanity: What makes life worth living in the face of death?

How do you cope with your own demise as it happens in real time?

Some are looking to improve their eating habits, others are looking to improve their outlook, and others still are just looking to calm down a bit. Take a look through a see what you can glean about humanity, and maybe pick yourself up a book for some summer reading. Fans who can't wait to see the play have shot the show's script to the top of the Amazon best-sellers list in 2016.

"I know that that's not helpful," he told the outlet. But I think one of the things that I'm changing in my own thinking is I just think people - myself included - it's so easy to latch on to a formula. You'll be safe and you'll be protected and you'll be whatever." "And I just don't think that's the way life works," he added.

"I don't think that's the way the life of faith works.

"Joshua Harris shares his story of giving up dating and discovering that God has something even better-a life of sincere love, true purity, and purposeful singleness." However, nearly two decades later, Harris, now a married father of three, admitted that over the years, a number of individuals have shared how his book negatively affected them and promoted a damaging and unhelpful view of sexuality, relationships, and dating.

"I'm hearing these different voices saying, here's how your book was used against me, here's how it was forced on me, or here's how I tried to - no one forced it on me, but I tried to apply it and it had this negative consequence in different ways," Harris told NPR during a recent interview.

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Below, we're taking a look at the 20 books that have sold more copies on Amazon than any other so far this calendar year.

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