Dating behaviors of adolecents in asia

CONCLUSIONS: Asian adolescents need accurate information about sexuality, reproduction and contraception as well as user-friendly reproductive health services.Intervention research is needed to identify appropriate strategies to address these needs.Because the vast majority of younger adolescents at the middle school level are not yet sexually active, both abstinence and comprehensive programs aimed at this group tend to focus on puberty, pregnancy and HIV information, and assertiveness and refusal skills.

One focus of the Marín study is the issue of age difference in the seventh-grade relationship; the researchers considered a two-year difference the criterion for same-age versus older boyfriends or girlfriends, hypothesizing that at the middle school level, even a small age difference could be important.Notably absent from virtually all types of programs is a clear and distinct discussion of sexuality within the context of love and intimacy, the risks of early romantic relationships and the risks implicit in relationships with older partners.With few exceptions (e.g., discussions of date rape and violence, and a recent push for abstinence-only programs to offer "preparation for marriage"), school-based curricula do not emphasize healthy and developmentally appropriate dating relationships.Parent-based efforts are designed to help parents understand adolescent development, build communication skills, increase comfort in discussing sexual behaviors and encourage open communication with their teenagers.Encouraging parental involvement and improving parents' communication with their young adolescents seem to have universal appeal, even though such efforts have had mixed results.

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