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To Armagh Gaol where the tales of former inmates make for gripping stories.To the lovely little museum at No 5 Vicars Hill or to the Armagh Public Library – established in 1771 – with its leather-bound first editions lining walls from floor to ceiling.Ferdomnach wrote the first part of the book in 807 or 808, for Patrick's heir (comarba) Torbach, abbot of Armagh. The people of medieval Ireland placed a great value on this manuscript.Along with the Bachal Isu, or Staff of Jesus, it was one of the two symbols of the office for the Archbishop of Armagh.And at this very spot, where St Patrick’s Church of Ireland Cathedral now stands, you can descend to a crypt dating from the Middle Ages to discover treasures including stone carvings of people and animals.Atop a hill on the other side of the valley is the twin-spired Roman Catholic Cathedral also dedicated to St Patrick.Patrick is given the primatial rights and prerogatives of Armagh by an angel.Some of these texts are in Old Irish and are the earliest surviving continuous prose narratives in that language.

If you're ever after a bit of dating advice, you could do worse than to ask a grandparent - they've usually been through it all by their age.The manuscript also includes other miscellaneous works about St.Patrick, including the Liber Angueli (or the Book of the Angel), in which St.Armagh also boasts a rich cultural scene and glorious open spaces – a stroll around the gracious tree-lined Mall is a must.Add in the Home of St Patrick Festival each March and you’ll be well fed, well walked and ready for more exploring. To the Planetarium, perhaps, to travel through the constellations or touch a 4.6 billion-year old meteorite.

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The document is valuable for containing early texts relating to St Patrick and some of the oldest surviving specimens of Old Irish, and for being one of the earliest manuscripts produced by an insular church to contain a near complete copy of the New Testament.

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