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As the snow is deposited on top of the ice sheet each year, it traps different chemicals and impurities which are dissolved in the ice.The ice and impurities hold information about the Earth's environment and climate at the time of deposition.A variety of different analyses techniques are used to extract that information.One measurement, the oxygen isotope ratio or delta value, measured using a mass spectrometer on melted samples of the ice, gives us an indication of the temperature at the time the ice was deposited as snow.

Figure 2 also includes a graph of the concentration of dust in the ice core.Drilling candidates The trouble is, finding clues to the past atmosphere is tricky, even in Antarctica, which has an extensive record buried deep in its ice, which has been relatively unchanged by forces like erosion.As snow falls on the frigid continent, it slowly compacts and forms glacial ice.Regions of Antarctica could hold 1.5-million-year-old ice that would reveal key parts of Earth's ancient climate history, new research suggests.The potential locations of the ice were described today (Nov. One of those locations could allow scientists to drill miles-long sections of ice to explain why natural cycles in climate shifted about 1 million years ago.

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However, drilling of the core still continues, and it is expected that, when drilling is completed in a few years time, an age of 500,000 years will have been reached.

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