Dating and commitment

Some of us have a tendency to focus on the areas where we fall short. If your goal is to see this relationship grow, then nurture it. If he knows you appreciate who he is, it will only attract him more.

Here’s my big shame: I dread the idea of being married to someone for the rest of my life. But I acknowledge that it’s going to take a special kind of woman to get there. But navigating a relationship with someone who struggles with commitment can be tricky. You’re in a relationship that may be harder than most, and if the man you’re with doesn’t start to overcome some of the things that prevent him from committing, you may have to walk away. You may desire to have children by a certain age or long for the feeling of stability that marriage provides.

On the other hand, making a verbal commitment to each other means deciding that the two of you will remain faithful through thick and thin.

Casual dating typically happens in the beginning of a relationship.

It's possible, but it isn't likely that your trust is built on anything that you've seen.

While you're getting to know someone, you're still in the process of developing one of the key elements of a committed relationship: Trust. Instead, keep an open mind and know that trust doesn't magically appear.

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If he doesn’t meet you in that place and fight for you, it’s best to let the relationship end, hard as it may be. There’s nothing inherently wrong with these questions, but timing matters.

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