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It wasn’t exactly like being married—especially in my panic about my daughters’ needs and future—but it wasn’t exactly being alone. So, although flavored by my personal experiences, my observations really come from the many single women whom I’ve known, loved, and helped as they moved through diagnosis, treatment, and recovery.

Being single with cancer means you have to consider a number of issues: managing physically, psychologically, and logistically, as well as staying in or re-entering the dating world. Figuring out how to manage the demands of treatment—the needed rides, assistance with meals or housework, walking the dog—is certainly harder without a partner.

If you don’t feel that you have a network of friends who can come to your aid, talk to a social worker at your hospital or treatment center.

Think of dating along the same lines as looking for a new job while in the middle of chemotherapy.

It’s very hard to explain the way you look, the way you feel, the many demands on your time, and the gaps in your resume.

She told a new man in her life about her changed body.

This tattooed, chained, leather-wearing biker responded, “Honey, that just means when I put my head on your chest, I’ll be that much closer to your heart.” When you think there might be a future with someone and you’re thinking about physical intimacy, that’s the time to share your cancer history.

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