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Sundukyan National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet after A.

Spendiarian Nor Nork District Council Cultural Center Russian Drama Theater after K.

Our party ordered both and our entrees included the lamb - Chakapuli, the cornish hen -Chicken Tabaka, Chicken Chakhokhbili, and the vegetable ragout - . Only area for improvement - restaurant was much too dark for me.

Desserts included the baked apple - Babushka and the honey cake - Medovik Torte and Turkish coffees. I would like to be able to feast eyes on my food and to see the menu and my companions!

Prem (also Ranbir Kapoor) is a free-loader who, while helping his friend elope, meets Jenny (Katrina Kaif).

They both share the trait of stammering when they are emotional.

Later on, Sajid Don, a wanted criminal, gets arrested.

However, Rahul disappears at the train station, and Jenny returns to Prem so Prem can help her find Rahul.On Jenny and Rahul's wedding day, Jenny finds out that Prem actually gave consent to Rahul and his father to publicize their false story.This and past recollections of Prem's selfless caring for her, makes her realize that she truly loves Prem and that Rahul and his family are actually very selfish, and prompts her to become a runaway bride.Meanwhile, Prem, who is about to leave the town is stopped by an stage actor (Behzaad Khan), who asks him to guide to an address, further driving him back to the church, where he finds Jenny as the actor disappears and it is revealed that he was actually Jesus Christ.She is united with Prem and the two happily get married, in a small celebration at a marriage registration office.

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