Dating a drug addict

It makes a big difference who you spend time with and why when you are recovering from drug addiction. If you’ve only been dating casually, this is the time to declare singleness until you are ready to be a healthy person in a healthy relationship.

If you are already dating someone seriously, it’s time for a relationship checkup – why you are together and whether it can handle your sobriety.

I was not looking to fall in love, but God had better plans. I found him in a sleezy hotel, all alone, with crack pipes and beer.Knowing the truth about his addiction and not being able to get HIM to admit is probably the most frustrating thing I have ever experienced.Every night I cried myself to sleep not knowing what to do.It took so much time and effort to get him to admit to me everything he had been lying and hiding from me over the past 6 months.Everyday was a constant struggle, from the day I realized he had a problem for myself, to the day I got HIM to admit to me he was abusing heroin.

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This man, now my husband, came into my life and wanted nothing more than for me to be happy. I knew that he had a past, but he had been clean for three years. I brought him home and nursed him back to sobriety. The same thing happed, and I drove all over the ghetto looking for him. The next time he left, he was gone for 2 1/2 months and ended up spending 20,000.00 dollars.

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