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I once attended a state pageant for deaf college girls a long time ago.They had evening gown/beauty awards, but also talent performance and Q&A.For me, being bitter or judgmental towards my date or to the society is a complete waste of time, especially when I've got better use of my time, like making someone happy, sharing happy memories and adapting the communication techniques.I was thinking about the telephone call aspect, but I suppose texting has helped in that manner for you.Overall, I like people who are a little "different" or unique in some way.I suppose the biggest problem would be if I was trying to get her attention from a distance, shouting her name wouldn't work.

I can see from your point of view of dealing with someone who's bitter or judgmental against the society.

There are worse things of course, but it's still a pita and sometimes it's hard to deal with even if it's considered a "lesser" disability. If the movie is dialogue driven, I can't go because I don't understand what's being said. Then there's the part where I'm hugely embarrased because the comment I contributed to a conversation is off the wall because I misunderstood what someone said.

I was shopping once and the clerk who rang up my purchases started laughing at me because my answer to her question seemed off the wall.

(One of the rare "positives" I've seen for texting, in fact!

) I dunno, as someone who has his own health issues, I honestly find those who have their own things they overcome to have more in common with me, and I admire their spirit and efforts in dealing with whatever it is they are up against.

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These ladies were passionate about life, and that was what made them attractive.

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