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Often, a great deal of money is spent on the ceremony and reception, and other events like showers, luncheons, and rehearsals. In countries like Cuba, nothing is spared on the Cuban Wedding.Just like many other celebrations on the island, weddings are turned into a festivity.Local Muslims will eat at Western, Chinese and Indian eateries if there is a halal sign on the walls.Most of the restaurants tend to display their halal certification or halal sign on their certification was awarded and enforced by government agency usually JAKIM.Neither is it as a gruesome reminder to those who have fallen prey. It’s simply another futile attempt to expose reality…

Who are these people living abroad, with no direct family or descendants in Cuba, sending money to the island?

Written by: Staff, on February 8th, 2013 Perversely, as Cuba´s tourism numbers increase, so do the opportunities for Cubans to exit the island.

You see, while tourists wander around Old Havana snapping shots of decaying buildings, the Cubans sat in them are scheming about how to get out of the country.

Finding a tourist is still - easily - the preferred route to leave though.

I mean it can´t get much better nor easier than having someone wrestle with all the paperwork, arrange the meetings, finance all the bureaucratic costs and then, once the all important visa is obtained, pay the flight, accommodate, feed and acclimatize the immigrant until…he or she walks out to get on with the life they longed for which, unbeknownst to you, was actually not with you. Possibly the biggest financial windfall from this is obtained by the Cuban government. because, while in the process of exporting their fiancées, westerners are spending fortunes on equipping their homes, paying for (apparently) ill relatives, topping up their mobile phones and a myriad of other “needs” their lover MUST fulfill if they love them, right?

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