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"That's just how Coach Auriemma coaches," said junior center Tina Charles, still a favorite target.

"He wants to set the tone for all of his players and let us know, regardless of who we are, this is what is expected to happen and if it's not executed, this is what will happen."- It has been eight years since Paige Sauer wore the UConn uniform.

On some days, I’m scheduled back-to-back until dinner, and sometimes, even after dinner. God watches out for fools and sinners and, as Grandma Marrs used to say, I’m fortunate to fall into both categories.

Turns out, I’m mean as a snake — meaner than I was as a full-time journalist. If I didn’t have a calendar on my phone, I would just walk around in slow circles. I make my own schedule, especially now that school is out. The best part is that I have discovered that, once again, my grandma was right.But UConn coach Geno Auriemma isn't going to let her develop habits that might short-circuit her development.As a result, it's Moore's time to hear it from her coach.I wouldn't hesitate to stay here again, it was so charming.""We have stayed overnight at Le Chat Courant for the past four years and each time we have had a wonderful welcome from Eric who has taken every care of us.

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