Cosmo magazine dating tips

Though, they look pretty silly when paired with a woman.

I get that they are just trying to sell magazines, but c'mon now — there has to be a better way than this.

C." sound recycled at this point and provide no real substance to both their reader or the hot sex they may actually be trying to have.

However, if these headlines were geared toward men, I WOULD be interested to know what 4 things all confident men do in bed, because I'm not a confident person...especially in bed.

I WOULD be interested in the 382 shoes that scream "BUY ME! And it would actually be refreshing to see "LOVE YOUR BODY" as a headline in a men's magazine because low self-esteem in men is not something that's really talked about. If I were waiting in line at the supermarket and saw the front cover of this magazine, I wouldn't buy it.

Magazines like GQ tend to headline a man's career achievements, so this role reversal really makes that difference apparent.

Sam: I think when it comes to magazines — and a lot of media, if we want to speak in generalizations — it's long been a trend to sell men aspirations of being bigger, whereas women are sold "smaller." Men are taught to want more muscles, more sex, more of everything.

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The pose looked about 100 times more natural then it felt.

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