Consolidating audio logic

Because depending on the goal, we can do External Consolidation and Managed Consolidation.In this article I’ll walk through how it all works, what the differences are, and the Cardinal Rules of Consolidation.If you wish, you can delete it, as it now exists in the External location.You can always create a new Library, Event, Project and import those files back in, anytime in the future.That is the basic function, but the Consolidate Command can also do more, as there is Managed and External consolidation. As explained in the previous section, at its core, the Consolidate command copies all External Media into the Library Event or Project we target.

They both have their uses in the appropriate situations, and should be well-thought-out before deciding which workflow to enlist.

Or deleting external original files that are only linked to inside of your Library.

Rule number one: When consolidating from a Library, out to an external location, the files are moved, not copied, and will be removed from the original Library.

Do not click OK, but instead click the “Consolidate File into:” menu. This opens a Save window, in which you can select any location you wish to consolidate all of the media files to.

The Consolidate process will then move (not copy) those files into the specified external location.

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