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Also reprinted in the early 2000's as part of the "games" series as Pinochle cards, with added indices. 2 Racer backs were originally available in red, blue, green and brown.

It was also around this time that Russell & Morgan, the forerunners of the United States Playing Card Company, decided to produce a new line of cards and asked employees to suggest an attractive name for the new product.This deck was first printed in 1893 and is the only back to retain a three-pronged wing.Other Bicycle brands that had three-pronged wing symbols changed over to a symmetrical four-pronged symbol in the early 1900s."(Red, blue, green, and brown.) One of the earliest Bicycle backs to have nothing remotely related to bicycles on it.Also reprinted as part of the two-deck "Canasta" games series.And in 2011, a limited run in black (5,000) and white (possibly only 1,000) was produced by magician Zennith Kok.

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