Config file etcconf dudev needs updating

NOTE: Before doing the following 'emerge -e' commands, you may want to customize your CFLAGS in so that it is optimized for your CPU type.The following two commands take very a long time, so it's worth it to optimize while you are taking the time to do this.It is possible to add additional hosts to the trust list, by creating the below configuration file.

After that is done, I like to do the world recompile: Now you look at that and go what happened to the D ? Now you are probably sitting there thinking I thought SL doesn't recommend a world update.I am going to try and stay very basic here so you can get the idea.Fresh install and everything is working great so now what? If you like nano you can simple go into Konsole and punch in su than enter your password.You remove the wrong thing and your puter will not boot.Skip this step if you have a funny look on your face at this time.

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