Computer must be restarted for updating to continue Cam2cam sites no sign up

Also, this update, KB3069762, relates to a vulnerability when Remote Desktop Protocol is enabled. Update: I've no idea why but it seems to have corrected itself.When I went to the dialogue box to check if RDP is enabled (system/advanced system settings/remote), the 3 check boxes relating to RDP are missing. Windows Update Troubleshooter said it couldn't check for updates whilst there were other updates waitng to be installed, and SURT installed a hotfix but it didn't make any difference.(PS - your Avatar is pretty much what I feel like doing) UPDATE: I've just checked again to see if that update shows as installed in installed updates and it's not there, but when I try to install it manually it says it's already installed. In Windows Update I've now got the green shield saying everything's up to date.All I have is a check box for remote assistance, so I don't know for sure if RDP is enabled or disabled. There's a bit of an issue with update KB982670 to do with netframework 4 profile which keeps on trying to install but failing.Any help on how to sort this out would also be appreciated. When I search installed updates it says it's installed, but uninstalling and reinstalling manually just gets me back to the same situation. I don't have version 4 so why should this keep on trying to install?While doing so might fix this issue now, it might cause issues later on.

The update history shows a security update, KB3069762, which has been showing as "pending" for the whole of this period despite numerous restarts, but never shows as "successful" or "failed". PS - I've tried uninstalling security update KB3069762 and then reinstalling manually via Microsoft Security Bulletins (MS15-067) but it still shows as pending after restarting. Delete Software Distribution where all downloaded updates are cached.

Its dependencies were my anti virus and True Vector internet monitor.

So does anyone know if cryptographic services could be causing this issue of the update staying pending without installing properly?

When this happens, you need to restart the computer before any other programs, such as Exchange 2016, can be installed.

Exchange Setup requires that all other installations have finished so it can verify that all of the prerequisites it needs to work properly have been installed.

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Unfortunately, because the failed installation never cleans up these changes, the installation of Windows updates and other programs can be blocked.

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