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They're now trapped together in a tiny apartment, forced to get to know each other way more than any one night stand should.The piercing is on the left side of Megan's nose until she goes dancing.The premise for Max Nichols' Two Night Stand is made slightly more original given the fact that the idea of millennial relationships is a fairly topical, sociological talking point at the moment.

They thought they were getting carefree sex without any kind of personal relations to follow..they got was a window to themselves from a complete stranger.Catering to her desperation, she creates an account on a website dedicated to matching singles up with one another and connects with Alec (Miles Teller).The two meet and wind up having great sex together, with Megan presuming she can just leave as soon as she wakes up the next morning.” or “If that’s true, what does that say about our relationship? In fact, it’ll probably lead to great relationship discussions; you’ll be dispelling elephants in the room like you’re some sort of professional elephant murderer, in a good way.And if your sweetie replies to your questions with, “Geez, it was just a joke,” you’re not only dating a comic, you’re also dating an asshole. Don’t let ’em act like a diva, and you may actually have an super fun relationship on your hands.

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I’m a standup comedian, and I’ve dated standup comedians. If you’re thinking about dating the self-effacing lunatic in the spotlight, here are some things you should know… It’s the first line of defense against bad jokes — if we don’t get retweeted, we abort the joke before it ever gets the chance to breathe in the stale open mic night air, and 2. Every setup and punchline can be told a million different ways — and you’ll probably hear all of them.

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