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One thing you have to realize about college girls is that they don’t have a life experience.They’ve been raised in this cocoon of shopping malls and MTV, so it is a little harder to hit their emotional buttons of attraction and even love.I teach you how to do all this in my book Bang, which details my complete banging system with step-by-step strategies such as The Four Key Moves To Intimacy (for when you want to kiss her) and my bedroom technique for sealing the deal.

I started my freshman year of college in a relationship and it wasn’t until the beginning of my sophomore year I got to experience my first taste of college single life. Some days I love it, and other days I am like this is just so weird.Think of their buttons are more primitive than an older woman, and you will need far less words and more action to get in their pants.For example, with an older woman you meet in a bar or club, you have to talk to them for an extended period of time before you get their number, but with a college girls you can sit next to her in class, chat up about the subject at hand, toss out a couple jokes, and then suggest a meet up later to study for an exam.It takes much less work to get them out than it does someone else you meet outside the college setting.In fact, using studying as an excuse to get more exposure to her is not a bad idea to transition to something where alcohol is involved, like a party or bar.

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